Friday, September 23, 2011


How well a food is digested can also can also influence the degree to which it produce acid- or not. Extreme cases are tomatoes and citrus fruits, both of which contain a good amount of minerals as well as acids, The alkaline mineral serve to balance the acidity of the acids. To most people, tomatoes and citrus fruits are alkaline - producing.People with digestion problem- due to low stomach acid or whose thyroid is subnormal- may be incapable of completely metabolising the acids. Thus tomatoes or citrus fruits are acid- producing for these individuals.

To some people, watermelons, cantaloupes and mangoes are also acid -producing. Discover for yourself which fruits cause arthritic pain or gout for you and avoid eating them too much or too often.

In addition, infection, smoking and alcohol consumption tend to make the body more acidic. Exercise is the effective way to get rid of acid wastes. Sufficient intake and a balanced diets,with more unrefined food,are important to regulate the acid - alkaline balance in our body.

from the book eat well live well
written by: CHIA JOO SUAN.

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