Friday, September 23, 2011


Fruit is the best to control your diet habit ,- go hand in hand . Modern transport and storage facilities allow a permanent supply of various seasonal fruits. Besides being refreshing, fruit stimulate the appetite and supply the body with vitamins, minerals and sugar. Eaten raw and unpeeled , they supply more fiber. so start to eat fruit from your farm.

Simple recipe:

Fruit yoghurt cocktail:
4 portion
time: 8 min

2 cup Natural yoghurt
2 tbsp Fresh honey
80g Strawberry - diced
80g Dragon fruit - diced
80g Mango - diced
80g Kiwi fruit - diced
80g Dark grape seedless - sliced
80g Jack fruit - diced
80g Raisin
50g Pistachio crusted
80g Rambutan -seedless - sliced
1tsp Sugar

Combine all the ingredients in mixing bowl and mix well. Ready to serve garnish with red cherry and mint leaf. this menu good kids.

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niraziana said...

hye...i just want to know where i can buy a fruit carving knife?in sabah it hard to find that thing..can you help me??