Saturday, September 13, 2008


Menu must be planned for the people eating the food. This sounds like a simple rule, but if is frequently forgotten. You must never forget that the customer is the main reason for being in business.

This rule means that, in most operations, the taste and prefences of the cooks or chef of little importance when planning the menu. True, there are some restaurants the exist primarily as showcases for the chefs own artistry, but they rare. Instead , the tastes and preference of the clientele must be given top priority if the business is to succeed. The kind of clientele the business serves wikk influence the form the menu takes.


Static and cycle menus

A cycle menu is one that chenges every day for a certain period: after this period the daily menus repeat in the same order. this kind of menu is used in such operation as schools and hospitals, where the number of choicr must be kept small. The cycle menu is a a awy offering variety.

Ala carte and Table d Hote

Table d hote originally meant a fixed menu with no choice- like a meal you would be served if you were invited to someones home for dinner. Banquet menus are familiar example of this kind of menu.

will be to buil the menu may be next week.

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