Friday, July 3, 2009


The buiding block of the body,protein consist of long, fold chain of amino acids. It is not widely know that plan foods contain protein and that vegetables, grain and pulses are all good sources-gram for gram,soya flour contain more protein than steak and butterbean have more than plaice.
Fruit and vegetables are our link to the vital energies of the sun and the earth. The plants that bear them use sunligt to make the strches which are our primary source of the complex carbohydrates, and an important supplier of energy to our bodies. And fresh fruits and vegetables are full of proteins ,oils and minerals, which help us to share in the goodnes in the soil. When our diets is rich in such foods, we fullfil our nutritional needs without having to take supplements.

Natures own energy foods, fruit and vegetables are delicious, relatively inexpensive and can be enjoyed raw or cooked at any time,with a minimun of preparation.

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