Saturday, June 11, 2011


Recipe from Gold medal.
500g Cut Chicken
1kg Coconut milk
150g Bird eye chili
5g Turmeric'
2tsp chili paste
5stalk Lemongrass
2tsp mix herbs
2clove garlic
2clove Shallot - sliced
1slice Asam keping ( sour fruit)
30 pcs Pucuk Mali

1. Blend the turmeric ,chili paste and bird eye chili ,lemongrass, mix herbs,garlic and onion.
2. Heat up the wok, then add chicken, blended item, keep stirring for 30 minute till dry, then pour the coconut milk, keep stirring and let it simmer.
3. continue stirring until the dish become dried
4. lastly add in pucuk mali -mali, salt and pepper to taste. serve with ketupat.

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