Saturday, November 29, 2008


Herbs and spices give different,subtle and unusual flavours to many dishes. You can use them fresh- you can even grow them on the kitchen windowsill-or dried. Fresh are nicer in raw,salad type dishes are not too old and keep them in an airtight will make them go stale more quicky. Dried herbs are a good deal stronger than fresh ones ,so do not overdo when using them your flvouring . You can use both herbs and spices singley or in combinations. The following list in a guide only: you will need to experiment to find out the combination that you like best.

- Basil,oregano and marjarom are all excellent both fresh and dried for salads and any casserole dish,especially Italian dishes.

- Mint is lovely fresh and adds greatly to salads.

- Dill weed and caraway seeds are also strong-flavoured and are very popular in northern European cooking- excellent with cabbage and fish dishes.

- Parsley- whether the usual curly variety or the flat- leafed French-has a deliciously robust flavour either cooked or raw. Parsley can be added to almost anything , and it is useful not only for flavour but also colour and garnishers.

- Thyme ,rosemary,sage and bay leaf, either fresh or dried,are excellent with lamb.

- Fennel,like coriander,has a distinct flavour of its own, which people either love or hate. It is reminiscentb of aniseed and is an excellent herb to use with fish.

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Assalamulaikom Chef Sabri,Saya memang amat minat dengan rempah ratus tetapi apa yang chef taip di sini dalam Bahasa Inggeris yang saya langsung sya tidak faham atau ketahui.

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